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Childproof Tin Box Factory

How to prevent Children from eating cannabis by mistake? Where is the ultimate development of recreational cannabis packaging? The best answer is the Child Proof Tin Box Package.

As we know, now the only various plastic childproof package is flooded with the market, for the child-proof safety tin box package still not available. May is it possible to have a one qualified childproof tin box which is the same cost as ordinary tin box also without accessories?

A good news for everyone, with our R&D team constantly development and improvement, Andylots Tin Box has developed a series of customized childproof tin box package for recreational cannabis.

Compared with the opening mode “ Push Down &Turn” of the plastic childproof package, we take the opening mode” Push Up & Turn” and “Click-clack&Turn” for the childproof tin box package.

Are you still waiting for the prohibition comes out for cannabis in normal package?

Or advanced occupation of the market by childproof tin box before prohibition?

More details for childproof tin box package, welcome your inquiry.