How to make Pre Rolls Metal Packaging Airtight 2019-03-25T16:44:45+00:00

How to make Pre Rolls Metal Packaging Airtight

There are two methods to make pre rolls metal packaging airtight. First one is same as THC DESIGN. It’s normal tin case with shrink film to keep airtight. But it needs more labor to do shrink film. Second one is airtight metal packaging to pack pre rolls directly. Compared with the first option,the second one can save more labor cost.

For airtight pre rolls metal packaging, the second options is so popular for high-end market. The rubber oil is applied to surface printing which brings the soft and smooth feeling to the customers touch.. Also it can be changed to child resistant mechanism metal packaging with airtight feature.

Airtight metal packaging will be a tendency to pack pre rolls. There are many pre rolls metal packaging in the market. How to make your pre rolls looks special or high-end? Except Exclusive formula, you need exquisite metal packaging for it and airtight metal packaging will be the best choice for your pre rolls.