How to make your balm metal packaging more attractive 2019-01-13T14:20:50+00:00

How to make your balm metal packaging more attractive

There are two mainstream metal packaging for balm: slide tin case and round tin can.Round tin can also be divided into click lid, screw top and normal top. It depends on the various markets demands for different lids. For balm packaging, there are also different volume packaging from different companies. But 15ml,1oz,2oz volume is are the common size for most companies.

Most companies usually applied tin cans with labels for their balm packaging at present. But compared with tin can with labels,tin can with custom printing seems to be more attractive,especially for balm,lotions or salves metal packaging. We can meet your any requirement for customizing your own design to tin can , also embossing logo if you like.

For balm packaging,bright background matte color with glossy logo printing will make your brand more outstanding (suggestion based on our marketing experience).if your quantity demand is huge, the gold color tinplate for your tin can will also look more luxury, and the cost is also same as the silver tinplate.attach the picture for your reference.

You can see the difference of both two looks very obviously. For the cost of tin can with printing, the cost will be less than tin can with label.therefore, printing tin can packs balm directly and no need to paste label on tins, which can save your more time and cost for the project. As we also provide the door to door service, the only thing for you is to confirm your design, then we can start your balm metal packaging project, and will keep you updating the wholes process.