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Rolling Metal Tray With Custom Design

There are many famous brands rolling metal tray in the market, such as Raw,OCB, Elements,Zig-Zag etc. The material of these metal tray is 0.35thickness tinplate. Usually, the cost is less than $1 but also is with high quality. Would you also like to customize these rolling metal tray for building your high quality brand? if yes, let’s start MOQ only 1500pcs.

Maybe you will receive the large differences price from different suppliers. It is the fact that different requirement and quantity, price will be also range a lot. If your quantity is small, and doesn’t reach to complete platemaking(independent printing sheet), the price will be more expensive. In printing industry, tinplate MOQ is 1500pcs. If your quantity reaches to MOQ, it’s called platemaking or independent printing sheet. Then how can we know our quantity is of complete platemaking? For example, 7” needs 30000pcs,11” is 18000pcs,12” is 13500pcs,13”is 9,000pcs to reach to the complete platemaking. If your quantity is small, we can do the way by make-up complete platemaking to save the cost for you( we usually collect some orders to reach the moq of printing sheet), as each month we have much orders from different customer, so do not worry about the lead time though your quantity is small. Also we can provide free transparent opp bag and bar code sticker for our customers.

Compare with the complete platemaking, make-up complete platemaking is more re cheaper.But the the color of reverse side and delivery time should obey tin tray of large quantity. Usually the lead time is 35 days to finish mass production and 45 days to finish make-up tins. There are two colors for tinplate-silver and gold. If large quantity needs gold color for reverse side, the small quantity should be gold color too. Though it has above two disadvantages, the specific advantage is that the quality can be the same as complete platemaking.

If you have any need or question about rolling metal tray, please contact us with no hesitate. Send us your own design to the metal tray, Andylots will help you build your high-quality brands which can comparable to famous brands.